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mommy to Sebastian Myles, sissy to Ryan Marley and Logan Jasper; obsessed with interior magazines, chevron and ikat prints, cashmere, the scent of lemon sugar, french music, stylish clothing for little ones, the sound of her son laughing, crisp white sheets, white tee shirts, white sofas {well just about anything white}; believes that primary colors are not for everyone, white sofas and children can co-exist, every child has their own sense of style, a happy mommy makes the best mommy.

RACHEL: mommy to Ryan Marley and Logan Jasper, auntie to Sebastian Myles; obsessed with morning lattes, a well organized home, geometric prints, typography, mid-century furniture, beautiful stationery and gift wrap, navy blue, an empty hamper, blistex, and watching her children's excitement in just about everything; believes in having a to-do list, laughter is the best medicine, and that everything should have a place and be in it.

DIANA: mommy to Chelsea and Rachel, nonna to Ryan Marley, Logan Jasper, and Sebastian Myles; obsessed with creating delicious and beautiful food, the smell of cilantro, interior magazines, grosgrain ribbon, perfectly wrapped gifts, beautifully decorated spaces, ballet flats, being organized, a ridiculously clean house, perfectly ironed sheets, and fresh flowers; believes that children make the world a better place, white is a color, its all in the details, and there is inspiration everywhere.


RYAN MARLEY {aka MARLEY}: age 7: brilliant girl; passionate about dance parties, art projects, sleepovers, spotify, chapter books, and maldon salt

LOGAN JASPER: age 5: rock star; passionate about luke skywalker, high hop sneakers, hip hop dancing, legos, science experiments, and kefir

SEBASTIAN MYLES: age 5: drama king; passionate about his daddy, stealing snacks from the pantry, pasta, dancing with his cousins, building forts on the sofa, super heroes, and laughing when he is not nagging